July 2, 2012

Summertime Brews

I could never do my typical "fancy" photos and longer reviews for every beer I drink. It'd be a full time job; one that I (unfortunately) would not get paid for. Sometimes I just don't feel like thinking or writing too much about a beer and other times I just don't have my camera with me. So that's why every now and then I pick a handful of photos from my iPhone and post them with some brief thoughts. I picked these because I found them to be good for warm weather; all of them refreshing, none of them over-the-top hoppy, and even the stout is light bodied and crisp. Cheers!

Allagash Fluxus: A very, very delicious Bière de Garde; highly recommended.

Fort Collins Double Chocolate Stout: Well balanced with subtle coffee and sweet chocolate; a good one to try if you're not usually into the chocolate stout thing.

Saint Somewhere Pays du Soleil: Refreshing, citrusy, funky, slightly tart saison; high ABV (8%) for the style.

Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen: Great example of the style. Not sure if it's available in the states, but if you see it, try it.

Stillwater Premium: I like many of Strumke's beers, but this one baffles me. "Post Prohibition style ale" brewed with pilsner malt, corn and rice; heavily hopped and fermented with Brettanomyces. In so many words, it's really fancy malt liquor. But that didn't stop it from being tasty!

Heavy Seas Davy Jones Lager: Aaaaaaarrrrr! Buy this beer!

Avery Eighteen: I got this because I saw "dry-hopped" and "rye". Interesting combination of flavors, very earthy and dry.

New Holland Rye Hatter: A good amount of rye but not quite enough hops to balance it out. Not bad, just not amazing. Also, I love the artwork in the "Hatter" series.

Flying Dog Underdog: The name refers to the low 4.7% ABV contained within. I'm happy to see more breweries adding "session" beers to their portfolios. Underdog is a lager on steroids; rye malt adds a little bite (can you tell I'm a rye fan yet?), a little wheat smoothes it out, and a hefty serving of hops helps it stand out in the lager crowd. I really enjoy this beer, and I'm glad I can enjoy at least a few in one sitting. The cans make them portable and easy to clean up, but if you can, pour into a glass (always better that way).
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