March 4, 2012

Bitch Creek

Grand Teton is one of those breweries that, for me, just seemed to pop up out of nowhere. Makes sense though. Except for Massachusetts and South Carolina, they don't distribute any farther east than Illinois. But as you know, I'm in South Carolina quite a bit. So, on my most recent trip I picked up a six pack of Bitch Creek ESB. Grand Teton is another brewery that's put a spin on ESB. In this case it's an Extra Special Brown, sort of a beefed up 'double ESB', same idea as a double IPA I suppose. Anyway, forget the analysis of the name - this is a tasty beer. Bitch Creek is bottle conditioned and 6% ABV. It's earthy, malty, nutty, toasty, everything a good brown ale should be. There's a touch of coffee and a little caramel sweetness to balance things out.

Grand Teton Bitch Creek

If you happen by any place pouring or selling anything from Grand Teton, I highly recommend giving them a try. A couple of my other favorites are Persephone and Wake Up Call. Cheers!


Marc Quigley said...

I really enjoyed this one. I need to make a special trip to Annapolis to get some.

Chris said...

No Grand Teton in MD yet. Had to get this in SC. But you can be sure I'll be brining more than just a 6-pack home next time!