March 6, 2012

All Day IPA

Founders Brewing Company says this is the beer I've been waiting for. They say it will keep my taste satisfied but my senses sharp. And they also say it's the perfect reward for an honest day's work. Well, they're right.

All Day IPA serves up a nice range of flavors, with orange up front and grapefruit towards the end, with a bit of lemon and pine mixed in. It's very refreshing, with a light but crisp carbonation and a clean finish. That's all balanced out with a biscuity, toasty malt backbone. The best part is (and I think this is the part we've really been waiting for), it's only 4.7% ABV. Now you see inspiration behind the name.

In no way have the folks at Founders sacrificed anything in creating this lower alcohol IPA. This is a welcome change to a style that can typically be well over 6% ABV. Not to mention, with just 42 IBU's, it won't pummel your palate. I was really excited that I was able to get a six pack of this while in Asheville, NC a couple weeks ago (thanks Bruisin' Ales). When Founders comes to Maryland*, All Day IPA is going to be a regular in my refrigerator.

Founders All Day IPA

Trivia: Founders won a silver medal in the session beer category at GABF 2010 for the All Day IPA recipe, but at the time it was called Endurance IPA Jr.

*Founders plans to begin distributing in Maryland sometime in 2012. A little more info here.

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