February 22, 2012

Ruthless Rye

I love rye beers, and as delicious as they all are, there are some (for whatever reason) I just can't drink loads of in one sitting. Sierra's Ruthless Rye is not like that. This is one of those beers a person could keep stock of at all times. The flavor profile is undoubtedly Sierra. Ruthless Rye is like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale with slightly less hops and rye malt added in place of some of the barley. What you get is very tasty, copperish-red colored beer that is refreshing and easy-drinking. Founders Red's Rye P.A. has long been my favorite rye beer (and one of my all time favorites, period) and Ruthless very could could give Red's a run for its money.

Ruthless Rye is one of Sierra's newest beers, and I don't know if it's limited/seasonal or not, so grab some when you see it. You won't be disappointed.

Ruthless Rye

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Mike Burns said...

I almost grabbed this beer the other day. I am still craving one.

You should submit some pictures to BeerCraving.com