November 8, 2011

What was I drinking?

I haven't been as active with the blog or even with Twitter since my camera died. I never realized how much photography was the reason I blog, apart from just wanting to talk and spread the word about craft beer. I didn't get the camera repaired because I want to put the money towards a new camera instead, and I haven't bought a new one because I'm going a little more high end and need the cash first. Maybe I'll get a Christmas bonus this year. Anyway, the first 5 photos below are the last few I hadn't posted before the camera took a crap. Everything else is from my iPhone. Cheers!

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum
Big beers deserve big glasses. I've only seen one bottle of Hoptimum ever, and it's the one I bought, photographed, and then consumed. Beautiful color. Delicious beer.
Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

Lagunitas Censored
Easy drinking, but tasty. Great for summer cookouts.
Lagunitas Censored

New Belgium Lips of Faith La Folie 2010
AWESOME sour brown ale.
New Belgium La Folie 2010

Founders Centennial IPA
Founders... nuff said.
Founders Centennial IPA

Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous
A Black IPA from before the term "Black IPA" was created. Or maybe Stone just didn't want to call it that. Whatever. It's one of the best one's out there.
Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous

Bell's Kalamazoo Stout
Not bad, not amazing. Nothing compared to their Expedition Stout.

Cape Ann Brewing Fisherman's Imperial Pumpkin Stout
Just okay. Expected more flavor as it warmed, but that never really happened.

Lagunitas Our Own Bavarian-Styled Doppel Weizen
Holy hell, where did this come from?! Super duper tasty!

Left Hand Wake Up Dead Imperial Stout
Light bodied but not light on flavor or alcohol. Coffee, chocolate, licorice and raisin. Great flavors. Little bit of an alcohol burn as it warms up.

Sixpoint Autumnation
From a can, just so-so. Tallboy cans, so it's good for a party, cookout, or tailgate. I had this on draft at Punk's and it was delicious. I know they say cans don't affect the flavor of beer, but I find that there is a bigger deviation in flavor when comparing canned to draft than there is with bottle to draft. The inside of the can may be lined, but the outside of the can where your lips and mouth can touch aren't, so how can they truly say cans don't affect flavor? Sorry, not a bash on Sixpoint, I still love their beers, just making a side note about canned craft beer.

Birra del Borgo My Antonia
Refreshing, but lighter in body than the Dogfish version and not a well rounded or bold in flavor. Plus, the bottle is only a 12 oz where Dogfish comes in 750 mL's.

Nøgne Ø Red Horizon
Amber colored ale fermented with sake yeast. Sweet flavor, lots of fruit... fig, raisin, cherry, plum maybe. Interesting...

Lost Abbey Judgment Day Ale
Bottle given to me by Tatiana from A Strong Fuggly Brew. Very nice quad.

Upright Brewing Four
Extremely refreshing and lightly sour saison. Picked this up while in Portland for the 2012 Beer Blogger's Conference. One of the beers I was the most excited about to try, and it didn't disappoint. I have a bottle of Five waiting in the fridge...

Peak Organic Hop Noir
Pretty good Black IPA. Not the hoppiest or boldest I've had, but well balanced and easy to drink. I wish it came in 12 oz bottles and not just bombers.

Hitachino Nest White Ale
I'm picky when it comes to wit-style or wheat beers. I usually only drink Allagash White when I'm in that mood. But Hitachino Nest's White Ale is every bit as good as Allagash. It's a little smoother on the tongue, less prickly in carbonation, and with a touch more fruit and sweetness. Only problem is, I can't get 4-packs of it like I can with Allagash, I have to buy individual bottles.