August 19, 2011

Beer Bloggers Conference

Hi everybody, and greetings from Portland, Oregon! I'm currently relaxing in my hotel room, getting ready to kick off the 2011 Beer Bloggers Conference. There are a bunch of things happening today, including a joint keynote speech by Fred Eckhardt and John Foyston of The Beer Here, a panel on stovetop brewing, and then a tour of local hop fields and dinner courtesy of the Oregon Brewers Guild. After dinner we return to the hotel for the Night of Many Bottles, where participants bring a 6 pack of their favorite beer to share with fellow beer bloggers.

Last night there was a pub crawl and 'gentelman's club' crawl, but unfortunately I didn't make it to either one because my flights were delayed and I didn't arrive in Portland until after the bars were closed. But I kicked things off this morning with Jeff from Huck Fin's Beer Buz with breakfast at The Original.

I had a cup of Stumptown Coffee (black) to wake me up, then started the day right with a glass of Upright Brewing 'Six', a tasty rye beer...

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