May 21, 2011


Sofie 2

Sofie, part of Goose Island's delicious 'Vintage Series', is, well, pretty damn delicious. It pours a crisp, clear gold. Sweet, citrusy aroma. Head fades quickly but the carbonation stays lively in the glass. Flavors of orange and slightly sour lemon, some peppery spice, vanilla, and... overly ripe banana? I swear I caught a taste of it in there somewhere. Medium body, with slightly prickly carbonation. Sofie has a little funk to it, and even though RateBeer calls it a saison and Goose Island classifies it as a Belgian farmhouse ale on their website, the bottle just says "Belgian Style Ale". It's probably best that way. Not every beer drinker loves saisons or sours, but Sofie is one that even the biggest disbeliever of funk can appreciate. Keeping the classification a little vague will prevent it from being overlooked by some.

My mom isn't much of a beer drinker, but whenever I have something fairly light and (for lack of a better word) fruity, I make her try it. She loved Sofie. She said, "Wow! It's so refreshing and fruity. There's like, lemon and orange in there!" Good job, Mom!

I caught Dad stealing a sip too...
Sofie 1

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Sud Savant said...

Great phtotos! Damn! Every single post, too! Good work.