May 3, 2011

Lots more beer

At the beginning of my last post I mentioned that I drink a lot more beer than I ever post about. From time to time I'll post pictures (usually from my iPhone) of anything I've had but haven't featured on the site. Well, it's that time again... Here's another exciting round (12 to be exact) of What's Chris been drinking that he hasn't told us about? It's a long post because of all the photos, but make sure you scroll to the bottom where I plug one of my favorite spots for beer, and also give a little commentary on whether or not cans affect the flavor of beer.

Great Divide Titan IPA

New Belgium Ranger IPA
Rooftop Bar at The Library in downtown Charleston. My first time having Ranger IPA. It was okay.

Great Divide Grand Cru

Struise Mikkeller Double IPA
I typically like Mikkeller and their collaborations, but this sucked. It was really, really grassy and bitter. Granted, it says 130 IBU's, but I've had other high IBU beers that tasted good. I wouldn't recommend this at all. Glad someone shared this with me and I wasn't the one that paid for it.

Stillwater Cellar Door
Can't really go wrong with anything from Stillwater.

Great Divide Hoss

Left Hand Milk Stout
They've changed their label are and possibly their recipe. This bottle was much better than the first time I had it. Way more flavor.

Evolution Exile ESB

Duvel Tripel Hop
I did not like it nearly as much as regular old Duvel.

Oskar Blues Old Chub
Good for catching up when you get to the bar/party late. If you want flavor though, try Great Divide's Claymore.

Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale
Been loving this stuff lately. My go-to anytime I'm at Tsunami (see end of post). Crisp, refreshing, lots of flavor, and very light for an IPA. Awesome!

Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale

I got the Titan, Old Chub, Little Sumpin', and Dale's at Tsunami in Annapolis. They have good sushi and Asian-inspired cuisine as well as an excellent beer list. New stuff gets added frequently, especially drafts. You can always find something new here.

Also, a word on cans... I don't discriminate. I love craft beer from a can just as much as I love craft beer from a bottle or on draft. Lots of people think cans make the beer taste different or funny. I've got no scientific proof whether it does or not. Any craft brewery that cans their beer typically explains that the cans are lined and that the metal doesn't affect the flavor. However, I still pour my canned beer into a glass whenever possible, and I generally suggest that to others as well. I'm not trying to be snobby (in fact I almost never pour my Dale's or Old Chub) and I'm not saying I don't believe that the cans don't affect the flavor of the beer. But when the beer, your lips, and your tongue meet on the outside of the can, then I think the flavor definitely changes. Personally, I always get a bit of that metallic flavor when I drink straight from the can. So that's why I always pour my canned beer, and I find I get the right flavors and generally enjoy the beer more that way. To each their own. Cheers!

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