April 12, 2011

Mother Earth Brewing

Back in February, the week leading up to Brewvival, Robin (Good for the Palate) and I were in Asheville for a few other beer events. At a cask ale tasting at Barley's Taproom we had the pleasure of meeting Audra from Mother Earth Brewing (she also used to work for Dogfish Head). After trying their delicious barrel-aged Tripel Over Head, we chatted a bit and just before we headed back to our hotel Audra ran around the corner to her car and grabbed 3 bottles of Mother Earth beer for us to try; a bottle each of Dark Cloud (Munich dunkel), Weeping Willow (Belgian wit) and Sisters of the Moon (IPA). Robin had been anxious to try them, so I invited her over for our own Mother Earth tasting.

Weeping Willow Wit:
Pours a bright golden yellow. Has a pleasant spicy taste, with obvious flavors of lemon and coriander, and a hint of orange. It reminded me of Allagash White but with a little more earthiness and bitterness. Smooth and easy drinking, with moderate carbonation and a dry finish. A good wit!

Dark Cloud:
Very clear brownish red, like root beer, with just a little head. This one had some nice flavors, dark malts, caramel, raisin, nuts, but Robin and I both thought this fell a bit short, like everything was muted. Maybe we should have waited longer and cleared our palates after the Weeping Willow. I talked to Josh, Brewmaster at Mother Earth about this, and he was surprised that the flavors were muted, but he did say it was much better, more flavorful and with more carbonation on draft.

Sisters of the Moon:
Deep orange color, nice head, can't really go wrong with most American IPA's. This one has a great toasty, malty character that sets it apart from a lot of other IPA's. The malt character makes for a very smooth and well balanced IPA, not particularly heavy on the hops, but not lacking great IPA flavors like citrus, orange, grapefruit, and a sweet honey flavor as well. This was my favorite of the 3 Mother Earth brews we had that night (2nd favorite overall if I count the Tripel Over Head). I really wish Mother Earth was distributed up in Maryland, but then again, it's a good reason to head south again!

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