April 22, 2011

Brooklyn Local 1

I've only recently gotten into the beer of Brooklyn Brewery. I've had their lager before, and recently had their Detonation Ale (which I loved) at ChurchKey in DC, but I became even more interested after seeing a short video with Garrett Oliver (Brooklyn's brewmaster) talking about craft beer and opening a bottle of Local 1. So I went out and bought not only Local 1, but also a bottle of Local 2, which I have not tried yet.

Local 1 pours golden orange. It has lots of light fruit flavors like pear, apple, and lemon. There's also a little bit of funk to it almost like a saison. Big carbonation, you can see how big the head was on the first pour. Sort of falls between a Belgian golden ale and a tripel. Very satisfying and extremely drinkable, I was taking big gulps of the stuff. Medium bodied, with a fairly dry finish. Local 1 is just all around awesome, and although I didn't eat anything while drinking it, I think it would make a very versatile beer to pair with pretty anything. I also love that it's year round and not limited or seasonal. Go try yourself some of this!

[Garrett Oliver is also the author of The Brewmaster's Table: Discovering the Pleasures of Real Beer with Real Food.]


Robin@ Good for the Palate said...

This beer gets the Good for the Palate stamp of "Food Friendliness".

shrews824 said...

I have wanted to try this beer for a while, but have yet to pull the trigger. I'm thinking I might have to soon.