February 20, 2011

I Hardcore You

Here's a great Imperial IPA collaboration between Mikkeller (Denmark) and BrewDog (Scotland). It is a blend of Mikkeller's 'I Beat You' and BrewDog's Hardcore IPA. The two are blended and double dry hopped. Pours a thick, hazy coppery orange color with a nice size head. It is citrusy, typical of IPA's, but this one's particularly big on grapefruit in both aroma and flavor. It's got a solid malt backbone though, so your palate doesn't get pummeled with an overly sweet hop flavor (some Imperial IPA's can be way too sweet and unbalanced). Very well balanced, with a slightly woody, nutty character to it as well. I Hardcore You is refreshing and super easy to drink, so watch out because it 9.5% ABV.

I've seen some other reviews where people complained about the price of a bottle in stores ($4-5), and the beer not being worth it. That kind of price is what you'd pay for many "corporate" beers in your average bar. Why pay that for yellow fizz when you get try something that tastes good for about the same price, plus, you drink it at home and not worry about the buzz one bottle might give you. Craft beer drinkers should realize that they're not just paying for the beer but also partially for the two rather noteable names associated with the collaboration. It is also a limited release (not too limited though), although I still see bottles on shelves in some stores). Judging it simply for what it is, beer, it's well worth the price. Go try one!

I Hardcore You

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Mike Burns said...

These guys make some great beers. I agree with you on the price issue. People wouldn't think twice about paying that amount for a bottle of wine.