January 24, 2011

Avery & Great Divide

I had a couple beers yesterday while watching football. First up, Avery Dépuceleuse. Brewed with sour cherries, brettanomyces yeast, and aged in zinfandel barrels. Tart, sour cherry flavor is right up front, but with some other fruit flavors in there too like grape and apple. Fairly light body. Sharp carbonation on the tongue. The ABV is 9.5% but it's hidden pretty well. I questioned whether it was actually that strong though, because I drank it on an empty stomach and didn't feel a thing. Pretty good overall.
Next, Great Divide 16th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA. Aroma is all hops and smoky wood. The oak is a bit stronger than the hops in terms of flavor, but overall the beer was very well balanced. Definitely not implying there was too much oak. A little on the heaver side and not as crisp or refreshing as other double IPA's. I got more fruit and citrus flavor as it warmed up. Very smooth and drinkable. I found myself taking pretty large gulps of it. The 10% ABV is hidden in the flavor but pretty obvious once the 22 oz are sitting in your belly. Nice double IPA for cold weather.
Great Divide 16th Anniversary

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