October 20, 2010

Blast from the past

I was organizing photos on my computer yesterday and found a bunch of shots taken with my iPhone back in 2009. I thought I'd lost them when my phone crashed a while back, but I guess I had uploaded them to my computer and forgot about them. These are all awesome beers, with the exception of one, which will stand out, but it's sort of awesome in a different way. It can at least be appreciated for what it is. The Samaranth, Peche Mortel, and Saison all came from Charleston Beer Exchange.

Delirium Tremens (at home)

Allagash Black (at home)

Pabst Blue Ribbon tallboy - The reason this is awesome is because it only cost me a buck-fifty. It's great to have around when you end up thoroughly drunk off of good beer and no longer have the ability to enjoy anything with complex flavors. Super awesome pricing courtesy of Charles Village Pub ("the CVP") in Baltimore.

Green Flash West Coast IPA - One of my favorite IPA's. Loads of hops, not too complex but has a very refreshing, dry finish.

Urthel Samaranth Quadrium Ale (at home) - I need to get this again and remind myself how good it was.

La Biere des Collines Saison (at home) - Another that I really enjoyed and need to get again.

Dieu du Ceil Peche Mortel (at home) - I don't remember this one slaying me, but I don't remember hating it either. Oh well, suppose I'll have to try it again sometime!

Maredsous Brune (Brown) - I took my mom to Brasserie Beck in D.C. for her birthday last year, and although she isn't a beer drinker, she obviously felt obligated to try at least one while we were there. The server suggested this, and I liked it so much I ended up getting one too. It's now one of my favorite foreign beers.

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