April 6, 2010

Nøgne Brown Ale

I just can't get enough of Nøgne's beers. They are so delicious! I bought this bottle of Brown Ale from Charleston Beer Exchange back in February, and I'm glad I waited until yesterday to drink it. The evening was warm and Robin and I decided to eat outside. I opened up the Brown Ale to go with the shrimp boil we made.

Nøgne Brown Ale pours a deep, murky brown, with a small amount of sediment, and a generous off-white head. It has a rich, malty, bready, chocolately aroma, and makes you want to take huge gulps before you even have your first taste. Flavors of milk chocolate, roasted nuts, and a little espresso are present, as well as a hint of brown malt, and maybe a little dark fruit. The body is fairly light, but is surprisingly creamy and almost reminds me more of a stout. The carbonation is smooth and not very prickly, but is very refreshing. The hops are not noticeable... it's all about the malt (Maris Otter, wheat, chocolate, brown, amber, and caramel). Brown Ale isn't strong, just 4.5% ABV, so I didn't have any trouble finishing the bomber bottle and unlike Nøgne's #100, I didn't have to worry about the alcohol sneaking up on me.

Once again, a superb brew from Nøgne, which has become one of my favorite brewers. I can't wait to try more from them.

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