March 30, 2010

Sierra 30

This is exciting. To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Sierra Nevada is releasing 4 beers created in collaboration with craft brewing patriarchs Fritz Maytag, Charlie Papazian, Ken Grossman, Fred Eckhardt, and Jack McAuliffe. The first brew is Fritz & Ken's Pioneers Stout. It should be available now, but I'm not sure exactly how limited these releases are. Chances are you'll want to snatch these up as quickly as possible. The second release comes in May, and is Charlie, Fred, and Ken's Imperial Helles Lager. Next comes Jack & Ken's American Barleywine in July, and finally the Brewers Reserve Oak-aged Ale in October.

Visit the Sierra 30 website for more details!

1 comment:

Brad said...

Got my bottle yesterday. Not sure how long I plan to sit on it though!