March 16, 2010

Raging Bitch

The name of this awesome beer from Flying Dog was more than enough reason just to pick up a 6-pack of the stuff. I waited until my last bottle to take photos and write a review. I had fun going through this 6-pack. I drank each one a week apart. At least 4 out of the 6 times, I was around someone I hadn't been around while drinking the previous bottle, so it made for some interesting conversation. They typically went something like this... "Hey (dude, Chris, babe, etc), what are you drinking?" - "Raging BITCH!" That's about it. They were fun conversations for me. Not only do I love beer, but I love the word bitch. 'B' may actually be my favorite letter just because of how powerfully you can pronounce it. Try it yourself... Raging BITCH. Accent the Bitch, it's fun...

Pours a rich amber/orange, crisp and clear with a thick white head. Pine, honey, some grapefruit. Great hop flavor, bitter, but without the bite.

A few words on "Belgian-style India Pale Ale". I don't think Belgian when I think IPA, and vice versa. And while IPA's certainly didn't originate in America, it definitely something American brewers are famous for, if not simply having a knack for. So it puzzles me that the name "Belgian-style IPA" basically describes a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy. However, there's a bready yeastiness in Raging Bitch that is not part of the typical American IPA, so the name is justified, even if it is a misplaced way of saying that you're drinking an IPA with Belgian yeast. Anyway, the best part of Raging Bitch is the smooth, mossy, earthy flavor. I drank my last one outside today while taking pictures of moss and fungus growing in my back yard (P.S. there were some really crazy colors so I'll post those in case anyone's interested). I could smell the hops from a few feet away. Delicious.


BreworFerment said...

I love Flying Dog's artwork too! Artwork without substance is no good though. I've loved what I've tried from them. How bitter was this one. You mentioned the bready Belgian and hops aroma but did the American bitterness come out?

Chris said...

It wasn't super bitter, but the bitterness that was there was really smooth. It didn't attack your palate or linger the way an American IPA does. I definitely want to get some more. I forgot to mention that when I was outside, I could smell the hops from 7 or 8 feet away... good stuff.