February 19, 2010

Nøgne #100

This, my friends, is one delicious beer...

Batch 100 started out as a celebratory brew for the brewers at the Norwegian brewery Nøgne, but word leaked and pretty soon there was enough demand that they started producing it commercially.

It pours a deep, rusty brown with a thin off-white head. It has a sweet and slightly earthy aroma, with some subtle chocolate and nutty notes. With 80 IBU's, it's bitter, and while you can taste the hops, they're more restrained and don't have the bite of an IPA. There is a great combination of flavors in here - some vanilla, dark fruit, coffee... but the most interesting, and hence my favorites, are grapefruit and gingerbread. As soon as I caught the gingerbread, I had to run to the kitchen to grab one of Robin's homemade molten chocolate gingerbread cookies that I was lucky enough to have not finished. Man, that was a tasty combo. The finish is dry but not too much, and although it's 10% ABV, the alcohol is extremely well hidden.

One might think I'm not picky when it comes to beer, but that's just because I don't usually post the beers I don't like (such as Equinoxe du Printemps). I want whoever reads what I think to get excited about trying something new, not discouraged. I do enjoy almost every beer I try, and Nøgne #100 is one that I really, REALLY enjoyed, and plan to again.


BreworFerment said...

I've been wanting to try something from Nogne for a long time. I missed out on a tasting at my local brewpub. Thanks for the great review you really piqued my interest on this one. Gingerbread? Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Chris said...

You'll really enjoy it. I'm not quite sure where I got gingerbread from. It hit me just for a second, so I grabbed a gingerbread cookie and it went perfectly with it. It's a delicious beer. My other recent favorite is Maredsous Brune (that's the "8"). Try it if you haven't already.