February 6, 2010

Brother Thelonious

This is a Belgian-style Abbey ale from North Coast Brewing Co. As always, part of what attracts me to certain beers is the packaging. I had heard and read about Brother Thelonious before and the beautiful artwork is easily recognizable at a store. Upon popping the top, there is an immediate sweet, sugary aroma, with cherries and a hint of brown sugar. It pours a rich, deep brown with a little red in it, and a soft tan head. There are notes of honey, vanilla, and notably cherry in the finish. It almost has a taste like Cherry Coke, but obviously way more delicious and complex, and without the prickly carbonation. There is also a bit of spice, and a slightly salty, nutty finish. At 9% ABV, it's a little strong, but pleasantly warming. The sweetness becomes a little cloying as the beer warms up, but overall this is a very good beer and a great take on the style.

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