January 5, 2010

Old Rasputin

A superb Russian Imperial Stout from North Coast Brewing in California. For many, it may be the best RIS out there. Picked some up at Dawson's, 4-pack of 12 oz bottles. 9% ABV. Pours black, with only a hint of brown at the edges where light hits the glass. Head is brown, thick, and creamy. Powerful presence of dark roasted malts. Flavors of coffee and chocolate. Light smokiness, light bitterness. Smooth, satiny feel. Full bodied, and warming. The flavors really come out as the beer warms up, which I really liked. As I posted on Twitter, this is the perfect nightcap. It is a very warming, relaxing, and delicious beer. My favorite of the few Russian Imperial Stouts I've had.

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