January 21, 2010

Allagash Curieux

I've had two Allagash beers recently that I never had before; Three Philosophers and Curieux. I liked Three Philosophers so much that I never even thought about writing about it. I was too busy drinking it. Fortunately, I made sure I wrote some notes on Curieux when I tried it last night. Curieux (curious in French) is a Belgian Tripel that is aged in oak Jim Beam bourbon barrels for 8 weeks. This particular 750mL bottle is from November 2009. Curieux is 11% ABV.

Curieux pours a pale golden orange, very hazy. Its aroma is citrusy but with less strong as other Belgian Tripels as far as the hops go. There are hints of apple pie, pear, a little orange, and vanilla. The flavor imparted from the barrels is definitely present, in contrast to some other reviews I've seen. I'm not a huge bourbon fan, but the parts of it I do like, the sweetness and smokiness, and even a little alcohol bite, are pleasantly apparent in Curieux. The finish is dry, and a little earthy. There is thick and lively lacing that coats the opposite side of the glass each time you take a sip, or gulp. There is also a fleeting aroma and flavor of a bakery, I'm guessing from the yeast. The alcohol is more apparent as the beer warms. A superb brew!


Denis mur said...

наверное вкусное пиво? ))

Chris said...

Yes, a very tasty beer indeed!