December 19, 2009

Green Flash Imperial IPA

If you like hops, this is a great place to find it. Brewed by Green Flash Brewing in San Diego, CA, this Imperial IPA is a hop-laden juggernaut, with 101 IBU's and 9.4% ABV. It uses Summit and Nugget hops to achieve its terrific hop flavor. I have only found it in 22 oz bombers.

Green Flash Imperial IPA pours a light golden-amber color, with a small white head. It has a very earthy aroma, with a hint of pine. It is a very refreshing beer, offering a variety of tastes from its mossy, citrusy start, smooth honey-like body, to its pleasantly bitter aftertaste. I'd been meaning to try this beer since I saw it at Dawson's over the summer, but I didn't pick one up until now. Even though I very much enjoyed the beer, it is not really a good choice for cold seasons. I imagine taking massive gulps of this beer while picking steamed blue crabs in the summertime.

Although Green Flash Imperial IPA is easy to drink, the alcohol flavor is masked well and it's 9.4% ABV will sneak up on you. Like I said before, if you like hops, this is a great place to find it, and in my opinion it's one of the better big IPA's I've had. As far as Green Flash goes though, I still enjoy the West Coast IPA much more, simply because it comes in regular sized bottles, is a little less potent, and has a much drier finish which I really prefer. I'll probably review that one when summer rolls around...

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